Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Mom on Iheartfaces

So this week, iheartfaces is celebrating the one person that binds all of us in the web of humanity. We celebrate mothers, not just here but everywhere!

My contribution this week is one of my favorites. It was seen during the Places I Love week and thankfully can be seen again! This time I converted the image to black and white and cropped in a little closer.

I took the photo on an excursion to Chalk Ridge Falls, TX. The babe was only 10 months old.

I like the image because I believe it exemplifies motherhood.

Humbly, I also think it juxtaposes Dorothea Lange's photo "Migrant Mother." In Ms Lange's photo we see the worried despair of a mother during the Great Depression (you can view Ms Lange's work at the Library of Congress or by doing a quick Google search--Ms Lange (1895-1965) was a pioneer and inspiration for women photographers everywhere).

In my photo, we see a modern American mom filled with hope and faith, knowing that we live in a day and age where we control our own destiny and even if today is bad, tomorrow will be better.

Thank you for your indulgence!

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  1. Oh, I heart baby-wearing mamas! Great shot! :)

  2. Great photo! They both look so peaceful.

    Erika B

  3. I really love this picture... and even more, I love your commentary. Truly a juxtaposition; bad economies in both cases, but this time around, we do seem to have more. More hope, more faith, more teamwork... maybe we actually did learn from the past, at least a little. Well done, Yuki!

  4. It is a beautiful picture for certain. I am giving you extra bonus points for the use of juxtaposition : ) Fabulous!

  5. Beautiful! I love how the baby is holding onto the fabric. So sweet.

  6. Wow!! What a sweet photo. The baby is precious! And I love how peaceful he looks!!!

  7. Beautiful picture! I truly miss wearing my baby (who will be 5 next week). THis picture says so much to me about Motherhood!